Professional Tour Guide

I have been a Professional Tourist Guide since I got my certificate after I completed the course opened by the Ministry of Tourism in 2000 when I was a student. Additionally, I’m a tourism agency owner since 2013. I am still actively doing guiding for various companies (Turkey and U.S. based).       

This profession was something that suited my lifestyle and there were lots of work opportunities.

I have always been one step ahead of my colleagues in terms of my store of knowledge. Even though this gave me self-confidence right from the start of my career, I have continued to add to my knowledge. I can say that I am still a student.

Even though it is a social science branch, it was great to have correspondence with many other sciences and to be able to view the subject from many different angles. Maybe learning about discipline as much as an engineering student contributed a lot to us. The excavations we took part in during the summer months, the international experts and students we met there, and the skills to become a citizen of the world presented by Bilkent University and its teachers were invaluable for me.

You do not have to become an archaeologist after completing the department. The department will lay the foundations for a lifetime of intellectual growth. If you are looking for a way to combine history and scientific discipline, you are in the right place. Best of luck to all of you.