We are happy to announce that Bilkent University and the Labraunda Excavations have signed a partnership agreement, providing the opportunity for Bilkent students from all departments, not only archaeology, to participate in the Labraunda Excavations and Survey during the summer field seasons, starting in 2019.

Labraunda is an archaeological site located in southwestern Türkiye, close to Milas (Mugla). It gained renown in the 4th century BC both as the center for the worship of Zeus Labraundos and as a display of the power of the Hekatomnid family, including the famous Maussollos.

On-site work at Labraunda includes excavations, field survey, and the documentation and conservation of architecture and ceramics, metal finds, and other objects discovered, as well as the collecting of archaeozoological, archaeobotanical, and other scientific samples.

Dr. Olivier Can Henry, director of the Labraunda Excavations, is Adjunct Research Scientist in the Department of Archaeology at Bilkent University.

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