Türkiye and neighboring countries possess an astounding variety of remains from thousands of years of human history, a tremendously rich cultural legacy. Living here offers a unique opportunity to study first-hand the rise and development of prehistoric, classical, and medieval societies. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Archaeology today is an exciting multidisciplinary field. Traditional interests in art, architecture, and historical contexts are now complemented with theoretical orientations from the social sciences and analytical contributions of the natural sciences. The study of archaeology can therefore provide a useful and appreciated background for many careers, such as publishing, tourism, law, management and finance, international relations, government service, communications, cultural heritage management, and museum administration. The Minor program in Archaeology offers students the chance to enrich their qualifications for their future vocations, and to dive into the marvels of the ever-fascinating and dynamic past.

The total course program consists of six courses (18 credits).

The following four courses are required (to be taken in any order):

HART 111. Introduction to Archaeology
HART 208. Roman Art and Archaeology
HART 219. Anatolian Archaeology, Neolithic to Iron Age
HART 227. Greek Archaeology

Two additional courses are to be chosen, with the approval of the Minor advisor, from the rich portfolio of departmental offerings.

Enrollment in the Minor program can be done anytime during a student’s third, fourth, or fifth semester. A CGPA of 3.0 (minimum) is required.

See the University’s page about Minor Programs for more details.

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