Project Specialist, Koç University Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM)

I am working as a project specialist at Koç University, Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM). Within this framework, I coordinate several activities like symposiums, panel discussions, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, etc., and I also contribute to the process of preparation of some publications.      

After I graduated, VEKAM became my first workplace. In this sense, I consider myself really lucky.

The main reason I chose this job is that my areas of interest are parallel with it, I thought I could benefit from my education, I would not break away from archaeology, and it would provide me new opportunities to learn new things and continually to develop myself.

I was not aware of the contributions of archaeology while I was studying in that field. Archaeology was a field that excites people and brings them to another world, but, unfortunately, is not preferred as a job. Therefore, I had several questions in my mind about what archaeology would bring me in the future. However, after completing my education and starting my professional life, I realize that I made a really good choice. The gains that I obtained through my job, like discipline, analyzing, seeing details, communication abilities, thinking rapidly in case of facing a problem, and compatibility for teamwork, have helped me a lot in my professional life.

The intellectual point of view and vision that I gained through my job are outstanding features, particularly during interdisciplinary projects. In addition, the opening of new windows and the ability to create connections between different fields are other important aspects that the study of archaeology gives. Archaeology is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Thus, always keeping in touch with others and making new interpretations stimulate the perceptions and minds of people and increase their ambition for learning and improving themselves. I think another one of the most important outcomes of this job is the ability to be productive.

If I had another chance to choose the department that I would study at university, I would choose the Department of Archaeology without any hesitation. Archaeology is a field which has many different aspects; therefore, we should evaluate it from a variety of perspectives. Archaeology is a discipline which comprises everything and embellishes several different fields, from literature to architecture, psychology to sociology, and museology to the education of children. Therefore, I recommend everyone who loves being productive, does not limit their imagination, and would like to claim “I have left a mark in this world” to enter the rich area of archaeology. It is up to that person to choose which adventures he or she will embark on.