Müge Durusu-Tanrıöver received her PhD in Archaeology from Brown University (2016). After briefly teaching at Brown, Müge joined Bilkent University’s Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture in 2017. Müge’s research methodology is rooted in landscape archaeology, while her main interests emphasize the interaction between imperial centers and peripheries in the ancient Near East, questioning how the centers and borderlands conflict and interact, resulting in hybrid landscapes and practices. Since 2011, she has been a core team member of the Yalburt Yaylası Archaeological Landscape Research Project directed by Prof. Ömür Harmanşah (Universiıty of Illinois at Chicago), where she works on the analysis and publication of the second millennium BCE material culture.

Research Interests

Landscape Archaeology, Bronze and Iron Age Anatolia and the Near East, Archaeological Method and Theory, Archaeology of Imperialism