Luca Zavagno graduated from the University of Venice (2002); he obtained his Ph.D. (2007) at the University of Birmingham with a dissertation on the society, economics and politics of Byzantine cities in the Early Middle Ages. He is Associate Professor of Byzantine Studies in the Department of History at Bilkent University, where he has recently completed his third monograph entitled The Byzantine City from Heraclius to the Fourth Crusade, 610-1204: Urban Life after Antiquity (published by Palgrave-Byzantine Studies Series) and he is currently working on the Routledge Companion to the Byzantine City (a volume co-edited with Nikolas Bakirtzis to appear in 2022).

Dr. Zavagno is also the co-organizer of the Byzantium in Ankara-Seminar Series, Associate Scholar of the Mediterranean Seminar, member of the Princeton University FLAME Project (Framing early Medieval Coinage) and former Visiting professor in Byzantine Art History at the University of Venice.

Luca has a joint appointment with the Department of History.

Research Interests

Byzantine urbanism, Late Antique History and Archaeology, History and Archaeology of Medieval Mediterranean, Insular Studies

CV is available here