Michele Massa holds a PhD degree from University College London (2016) and a MSc in GIS and Spatial Analysis from the same university (2008). Before joining Bilkent’s Archaeology Department, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Oriental Institute at Chicago (2020-2022). A Near Eastern archaeologist, his academic interests include theoretical approaches to social complexity (urbanism, conflict, labor specialization), landscape archaeology, digital archaeology, remote sensing analysis and archaeometallurgy. A common thread to Michele’s academic work is his interest in making past societies relevant to the present, something that he has pursued through collaboration with public archaeologists, cultural heritage managers and social anthropologists across several projects. Between 2017 and 2022 he was the co-director of KRASP (Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project), an interdisciplinary program that investigated the dynamic relation between nature and society in south-central Anatolia across the Holocene (9500 BCE-present).

Research Interests

Near Eastern and eastern Mediterranean pre-, proto- and early historical archaeology; Landscape & Environmental archaeology; Digital archaeology; Archaeological approaches to social complexity; Funerary archaeology; Survey methodology

CV is available here