I received my BA and MA at the Charles University in Prague and PhD in Classical Archaeology at the Free University in Berlin, with a Dissertation focused on the Regional Economy, Settlement Patterns and the Road System in Bithynia between the 4th Century BC and 6th Century AD. I had been working for six years at the Archaeological Institute at the Ruhr University in Bochum (Germany) as Akademische Rätin with a specialization digital archaeologist.

My main focuses are geoinformation systems, spatial and quantified analyses and reconstructions of ancient road networks, questions of digitization of analog archives and the sustainability of digital records. My passion are designs of archaeological surveys and implementation of digital archaeology in all stages of archaeological projects. My principal chronological focus lies in the Roman and Late Roman periods. I worked on research projects in Bulgaria, Italy, North Macedonia and Türkiye.

Research Interests

Archaeology of Ancient Bithynia, Thrace and Macedonia; Ancient Road Networks; Mounded Landscapes; Methods and Design of Archaeological Surveys; Implementation of Digital Archaeology in all Stages of Archaeological Projects; Digitising of Archive

Curriculum Vitae