Master of Arts Theses Completed


  • Ece Alper, The Ptolemaic Presence outside Egypt: Material Evidence (Supervisor: Charles Gates)
  • Sena Baskın, LBA I Ceramics from Kinet Höyük Period 15. A Statistical Assessment of the Cross-Regional Standardization of Hittite Ceramics in Late Bronze Age Anatolia (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)


  • Ege Dağbaşı, Foreigners and Foreignness in Hittite Anatolia (Supervisor: N. İlgi Gerçek)
  • Seren Mendeş, Managing Intangible Cultural Heritage in Turkey: Four Cases Originating in Antiquity (Supervisor: Dominique Kassab Tezgör)
  • Beril Özbaş, The Socio-political Structure of Western Anatolia during the (L)BA (Supervisor: N. İlgi Gerçek)
  • Dilara Uçar Sarıyıldız, Changing Perceptions of Sculptural Polychromy in Europe: From Ancient Greece to the 21st Century (Supervisor: Dominique Kassab Tezgör)


  • Defne Dedeoğlu, Green Museums: An Introduction and a Possible Implementation in Ankara (Supervisor: Dominique Kassab Tezgör)
  • Yaprak Kısmet Okur, Phoenicians in Cilicia during the Middle Iron Age: The Scope of their Presence (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)


  • Joseph Salvatore Aversano, The Mother of Gods from Right Here: The Goddess Meter in her Central Anatolian Contexts (Supervisor: Charles Gates)
    [2018-19 Kalbiye Tansel ve Çiğdem Barçan Tansel Thesis Award]
  • Mustafa Umut Dulun, Persian Period Tombs in Western Anatolia as Reflections of Social and Political Change (Supervisor: Charles Gates)
  • Bahattin İpek, Figural Motifs on Halaf Pottery: An Iconographical Study of Late Neolithic Society in Northern Mesopotamia (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Tuğçe Köseoğlu, A Phytolith Study from Kinet Höyük, Hatay (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Roslyn Sorensen, Rural Administration in Hittite Anatolia (Supervisor: N. İlgi Gerçek)


  • Zeynep Akkuzu, The Late Iron Age Pottery from Kaman-Kalehöyük (Supervisor: Dominique Kassab Tezgör)
  • Elif Nurcan Aktaş, Palaeolithic Research in Anatolia: History, Problems and Perspectives (Supervisor: Thomas Zimmermann)
  • Şakir Can, Continuity and Change: An Annales Approach to the Late Chalcolithic Period in North Mesopotamia (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Emre Dalkılıç, Middle Bronze Age Cyprus Inter-site Relationships: A Social Network Analysis Approach (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Çağdaş Özdoğan, The Initial State for Early Bronze Age Cyprus: Metallurgy of the Philia Culture from a Maritime Cross-cultural Perspective (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Rida Arif Siddiqui, Community Archaeology in Pakistan: Three Sites in Gandhara as a Case Study (Supervisor: Dominique Kassab Tezgör)


  • Andrew K. Beard, A Group of Seven Column Capitals from Roman Ancyra: A Unique Composite Style (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)
  • Nurcan Küçükarslan, Middle Iron Age Pottery from Yassıhöyük (Kırşehir): A Central Anatolian Assemblage (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)


  • Hande Köpürlüoğlu, Hittite Rock Reliefs in Southeastern Anatolia as a Religious Manifestation of the Late Bronze and Iron Ages (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Katarzyna Kuncewicz, Figural Anatolian Stamp Seals from Three Assyrian Colony Period Sites: Karahöyük-Konya, Acemhöyük and Kültepe (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Selim Yıldız, Hellenistic Settlement in Smooth Cilicia (Cilicia Pedias) (Supervisor: Charles Gates)


  • Humberto DeLuigi, A Winter in the Land of Rum: Komnenian Defenses Against the Turks in Western Anatolia (Supervisor: Charles Gates)
  • Thomas Moore, Old Hittite Polychrome Relief Vases and the Assertion of Kingship in 16th century BCE Anatolia (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)


  • Leyla Yorulmaz, A Forgotten Borderland: The Upper Tigris between Septimius Severus and Anastasius I (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)


  • Sevilay Hacıbekiroğulları Oruç, Harbor Settlement Patterns of the Second Millennium BC in Cilicia and the Amuq (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Heves Sökeli, Ceramic Workshops in Hellenistic and Roman Anatolia: Production Characteristics and Regional Comparisons (Supervisors: Jacques Morin & Dominique Kassab Tezgör)


  • Burak Arcan, Early Bronze Age Daggers in Central Anatolia (Supervisor: Thomas Zimmermann)
  • Deniz A. Enverova, The Transition from Bronze Age to Iron Age in the Aegean: a Heterarchical Approach (Supervisor: Jacques Morin)
  • Ayşen Girit, Male Nudity in Ancient Mesopotamian Art (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)


  • Fevzi Volkan Güngördü, Obsidian, Trade and Society in the Central Anatolian Neolithic (Supervisor: Thomas Zimmermann)
  • Müge Durusu Tanrıöver, The Transition from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age in the Upper Euphrates and the Amuq: A Study of Settlement Patterns (Supervisor: İlknur Özgen)
  • Polat Ulusoy, Burial Customs of Clazomenae in the Iron Age (1100-500 BC) (Supervisor: Charles Gates)


  • Mehmet Kutlu, Seljuk Caravanserais in the Vicinity of Denizli: Han-abad (Çardakhan) and Akhan (Supervisor: Charles Gates)


  • Mert Çatalbaş, Evaluating the Oylum Höyük MBA Painted Ware within the Framework of the Syro-Cilician, Levantine, and Khabur Painted Ceramic Cultures (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Filiz Tütüncü, The Land of Beautiful Horses: Stables in Middle Byzantine Settlements of Cappadocia (Supervisor: Charles Gates)


  • Banu Ahibay, Theoretical Approaches in Turkish Archaeology (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Erica Hughes, Absolute and Relative Dating of Hallan Çemi Tepesi (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Pınar Kuşseven, The Cult of Iupiter Dolichenus: Origins and Iconography (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)
  • Amir H. Soudipour, An Architectural and Conceptual Analysis of Mesopotamian Temples from the Ubaid to the Old Babylonian Period (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Evren Türkmenoğlu, Late Byzantine Ships and Shipping (Supervisor: Charles Gates)
  • Ayşegül Vural, Geophysical Exploration of Kinet Höyük: A Comparison of the Magnetic Survey with the Excavation Results (Supervisor: Jacques Morin)


  • Aslı Candaş, The Kakasbos/Herakles Cult: A Study of its Origins, Diffusion and Possible Syncretisms (Supervisor: Jacques Morin)
  • Esra Çayır, The Study of the Concept of the Sacred Hearth and Greek Goddess of the Hearth and their Association with the Prytaneion, its Origins, and its Development (Supervisor: Jacques Morin)
  • Bozena Radovan Kabatiarova, Ugaritic Seal Metamorphoses as a Reflection of the Hittite Administration and the Egyptian Influence in the Late Bronze Age in Western Syria (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)


  • Ezgi Akpınar, Hellenistic and Roman Settlement Patterns in the Plain of Issus and the Amanus Range (Supervisor: Jacques Morin)
  • Damjan Donev, St. Erasmus (Lychnid) and St. Thecla (Seleucia): A Study of Two Early Christian Cultic Centers (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)
  • Kadriye Günaydın, Karkamis in the First Millennium B.C.: Sculpture and Propaganda (Supervisor: İlknur Özgen)
  • Genevieve Holdridge, Origins of Pottery Technology in the Ancient Near East (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)


  • İlke Aykanat Çam, Life at the Top: A Survey of Stylite Saints (Supervisors: Jean Greenhalgh and Julian Bennett)
  • Esen Öğüş, The Antakya Sarcophagus: Design Elements and the Chronology of the Docimeum Columnar Sarcophagi (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)
  • Dinç Saraç, History of Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Management in Turkey and Europe: A Look from the Past to the Present (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)
  • Funda Başak Uçar, Greek Influence in the Anthropomorphic Representation of Deities in Hellenized Asia: Parthia, Nemrut Dağı, and Gandhara (Supervisor: Charles Gates)


  • Sevil Çonka, Aspects of the Ancient Economy in West-Central Turkey in the First Millenium BC (Supervisor: Jacques Morin)
  • Çiğdem Toskay Evrin, Tarsus Republic Square: the Late Roman Cooking Wares (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Alev Tanyar, The Jews and Christians of Imperial Asia Minor, the Literary and Material Evidence (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)


  • Suna Çağaptay Arıkan, The Church at Choma (Hacımusalar, Elmalı-Antalya) and Its Materials (Supervisor: Jean Öztürk)
  • Spencer H. Garrett, Wine Production in Classical Asia Minor (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)
  • Azer Keskin, Relating Architecture to Social Complexity in the Early Bronze Age: Southeastern Anatolia (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)


  • Bülent Arıkan, The Neolithic of Central and Northwestern Anatolia, Thrace and its Relations with Southeastern Europe (Supervisor: Barbara Helwing)
  • Jason R. De'Block, The Archaeology and History of Selinus from its Origins to the Reign of Diocletian (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)
  • Shannon M. Haley, Caveat Emptor: The Intellectual Consequences of Undocumented Excavation, with Special Reference to Roman Period Archaeological Material from Turkey (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)


  • Yasemin İlseven, Elmalı Plain: A Review of its Environmental Setting and Archaeological Settlements (Supervisor: İlknur Özgen)
  • Ekin Kozal, The Cypro-Anatolian Connections in the Late Bronze Age (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Tuğba Tanyeri, The Nereid Monument Relief Sculptures in Review (Supervisor: İlknur Özgen)
  • Sercan Yandım, An Historical and Iconographical Study of a Group of Twenty Post Byzantine Icons in the Antalya Museum (Supervisor: Charles Gates)


  • Susan D. Cooke, The Monuments of Roman Ancyra Reviewed (Supervisor: Julian Bennett)
  • Günder Varinlioğlu, The Legacy of the Hippodrome at Constantinople (Supervisor: Alessandra Ricci)


  • Ayşe D. Atauz, Asardibi (Casara), a Classical, Hellenistic and Early Roman Harbor in the Rhodian Peraea (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
  • Harun Kaya, The Byzantine Fortresses of Yoğuntaş,Keçikalesi and Pınarhisar in the Kırklareli Region (Supervisor: Alessandra Ricci)
  • Filiz Songu, Wave-Line Pottery from the Late Iron Age Levels of Kinet Höyük (Supervisor: Marie-Henriette Gates)
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