Spring Semester (2018-2019)

Course Offerings

Below are the courses offered by the Department of Archaeology for the Spring of 2019. "R" indicates a required course in the curriculum for the Department; "RM" indicates a required course in the minor program. All courses listed award 3 credits (or 5 credits for Erasmus).

First Year

HART 120. Human Evolution and World Prehistory (Morin) – R & RM
HART 126. Archaeological Planning / Planning and Drawing in the Field (Henry) – R

Second Year

HART 206. Mythologies of the Ancient Mediterranean World (M.-H. Gates)
HART 208. Roman Art and Archaeology (Bennett) – R & RM
HART 219. Anatolian Archaeology, Neolithic to the Iron Age (Zimmermann) – R & RM
HART 225. Cultural Anthropology (Zimmermann) – R
HART 232. Ancient Greek II (Morin)
HART 240. Latin II (Gerçek)

Third Year

HART 307. Monumental Painting (Kassab Tezgör)
HART 325. Hittite Archaeology (M.-H. Gates) – R
HART 346. Daily Life in Ancient Greece (Kassab Tezgör)
HART 373. Hittite II (Gerçek)

Fourth Year

HART 400. Senior Project (Bennett)
HART 410. Special Topics in Art, Architecture and Archaeology (Tanrıöver)
    Topic: Urban experiences in the Ancient Near East
HART 426. Ancient Technologies and Materials (Zimmermann) – R
HART 436. Archaeological Method and Theory (M.-H. Gates) – R

Master of Arts

HART 501. Issues in Archaeological Theory (Morin) – R
HART 508. Seminar: Issues in Pre-classical Art and Archaeology (Gerçek)
    Topic: Studying Past Identities: Theory and Practice
HART 510. Seminar: Issues in Classical Art and Archaeology (Bennett)
    Topic: The 'Romanisation' of Anatolia
HART 543. Hittite II (Gerçek)
HART 552. Ancient Greek II (Morin)
HART 564. Latin II (Gerçek)
HART 599. MA Thesis
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