Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in the Department of Archaeology aims to provide a thorough and comprehensive understanding of archaeology, ancient history, and ancient and medieval art and architecture. Our attention centers on Turkey and its neighbors, although examples from around the world are regularly considered. The courses offered include practical as well as academic work, supplemented by field trips to museums and archaeological sites. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in research projects during the summer months, in surveys and excavations conducted by the department or sponsored by other institutions, or to undertake an internship in a museum or other cultural institution.

The first two years of the program introduce the student to the main themes of archaeological study: method and theory, art and architectural history, and the geography and civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean world and the Near East. Building on this foundation, the third and fourth years feature more specialized subjects. In addition to compulsory courses, the student has the opportunity to choose elective topics in his or her field of particular interest. Additional requirements include four semesters of an ancient language, Greek or Latin, normally taken in the second and third years, and courses in archaeological drawing and planning, useful skills for excavations and surveys.

At the end of the program the student will emerge with a good knowledge of Near Eastern, Mediterranean, and European art and archaeology from the prehistoric through the medieval periods, and with a particular familiarity with the sites, monuments, and cultural history of Anatolia.

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