Fall Semester (2019-2020)

Below are the courses offered by the Department of Archaeology for the Fall of 2019. "R" indicates a required course in the curriculum for the Department; "RM" indicates a required course in the minor program. All courses listed award 3 credits (or 5 credits for Erasmus).

First Year

HART 111. Introduction to Archaeology (Zimmermann) – R & RM
HART 117. Ways of Seeing: Approaches to Art & Architectural History (C. Gates) – R
HART 120. Human Evolution and World Prehistory (Morin)
HART 125. Archaeological Illustration (Henry) – R

Second Year

HART 221. Great Discoveries from the Ancient World (Bennett)
    [For students from departments other than Archaeology]
HART 222. Mesopotamian Archaeology (M.-H. Gates) – R
HART 227. Greek Archaeology (Kassab Tezgör) – R & RM
HART 228. UNESCO Sites in Turkey (Zimmermann)
HART 231. Ancient Greek I (Morin)
HART 239. Latin I (Gerçek)

Third Year

HART 305. Byzantine and Islamic Art and Archaeology (C. Gates) – R
HART 352. Monuments of Rome (Bennett)
HART 372. Hittite I (Gerçek)

Fourth Year

HART 400. Senior Project (Coordinator: Zimmermann)
HART 401. Summer practice (Coordinator: Morin)
HART 409. Museum Practices and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (Kassab Tezgör) – R
HART 423. Cities, Monuments, and Landscapes of Classical Anatolia (Morin) – R
HART 424. Religion and Society in the Ancient Near East (M.-H. Gates)
HART 433. The Eastern Roman Provinces (Bennett)

Master of Arts

HART 508. Seminar: Pre-classical Art and Archaeology (M.-H. Gates)
    Topic: Religion and Society in the Ancient Near East
HART 514. Seminar: Classical Art and Archaeology (C. Gates)
    Topic: Approaches to the Study of Ancient Greek and Roman Cities
HART 519. Research Directions in Anatolian Archaeology and Art (M.-H. Gates, with the entire faculty) – R
HART 542. Hittite I (Gerçek)
HART 551. Ancient Greek I (Morin)
HART 563. Latin I (Gerçek)
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