• December 13 -- Lecture: Kutalmış Görkay (DTCF, Ankara University), "Excavations at Zeugma". 5:40 pm. Room to be announced.

  • November 8 -- Lecture: Scott Redford (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), Title to be announced. 5:40 pm. Room to be announced.

  • October 11 -- Lecture: D. Burcu Erciyas (Middle East Technical University), "Excavations at Komana (Tokat)". 5:40 pm. Room to be announced.

  • April 20 -- Lecture: N. İlgi Gerçek (Bilkent University), "Hittite Geographers: Cosmology and Geography in Late Bronze Age Anatolia". 3:40 pm. C-Blok Amfi.

  • April 17 -- Lecture: Ilya Yakubovich (Philipps University Marburg), "The eDiAna Project and the Ongoing Decipherment of Minor Anatolian Languages". 3:40 pm. C-Blok Amfi.

  • April 4 -- Lecture: Lucy E. Bennison-Chapman (Bülent Ecevit University), "The Use of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) in Understanding Geometric Clay Objects or 'Tokens' in Neolithic West Asia". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • March 23 -- Lecture: Didier Bouakaze-Khan (Middle East Technical University), "Modelisation for Interpretation of Archaeological and Anthropological Data: A Case Study from the Horn of Africa". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • February 15 -- Lecture: Bülent Arıkan (Istanbul Technical University), "The Agent-based Modeling of Arslantepe for the Early Bronze Age I: Environmental, Social, and Economic Dynamics". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.


  • December 21 -- Lecture: Sercan Yandım Aydın (Hacettepe University), "Marginalizing the Traditional Religious Orders, Cults, and Beliefs in the Early Patristic Era in Anatolia". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • December 8 -- Lecture: Barbara Helwing (University of Sydney), "Early Metallurgy in Iran: The Development of a Crucial Industry since Prehistoric Times". 12:35 pm. Room H-132.

  • November 30 -- Lecture: Dan Goldenberg (Bilkent University), "The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • November 18 -- Workshop: "The Connectivity of Rivers". 9:30 am - 5:30 pm. Meeting Room, Dean's Office, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture.

  • November 16 -- Lecture: Güneş Duru (Aşıklı Höyük Project), "New Approaches and New Results in the Central Anatolian Neolithic". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • October 20 -- Lecture: Irene Giviashvili (George Chubinashvili National Research Center for Georgian Art History and Heritage Preservation), "'Gürcü Kilisesi' ['The Georgian Church'] and the Georgian Legacy at the Medieval Armenian City of Ani". 5:40 pm. Room H-132

  • April 28 -- Lecture: Elif Denel (ARIT), "Excavations at Tell Tayinat (Hatay): The Iron Age". 5:40 pm. Room H-132 MA-101.

  • April 26 -- Workshop: Piotr Głogowski (Wrocław University), "The Tomb Inscription of Cyrus the Great". 12:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • April 21 -- Lecture: Philip Glauberman (METU), "Prehistory at the Crossroads: Palaeolithic Research in the Armenian Volcanic Highlands". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • April 12 -- Lecture: Vasıf Şahoğlu (Ankara University), "Excavations at Çeşme - Bağlararası: A Western Anatolian Bronze Age Harbour Settlement". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • March 29 -- Lecture: Müge Durusu Tanrıöver (Brown University), "Living on the Edge: Transforming Empire in the Hittite Borderlands". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • March 23 -- Lecture: Charles Gates (Bilkent University), "Kinet Höyük Kazıları: Demir Çağ'dan Hellenistik Dönem'e". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • February 4 -- Lecture: İlgi Evrim Gerçek (Istanbul University), "Myth, Politics, and Empire: The Black Sea Region During the Hittite Period". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.


  • November 11 -- Lecture: Anca Dan (CNRS-ENS Paris), "The Cimmerian Bosporus: New Discoveries". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • POSTPONED November 5 -- Lecture: Ekin Kozal (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University), "Cypro-Anatolian Connections in the Second Millennium BC: Textual and Archaeological Evidence". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • October 22 -- Lecture: Selim Adalı (Social Sciences University of Ankara), "Ottoman Melheme Texts: Babylonian Origins?". 5:40 pm. Room MA-101.

  • October 15 -- Lecture: Fahri Dikkaya (Bilkent University), "Text meets Material Culture: The Foundations of Early Ottomans in Northwest Anatolia".
    5:40 pm. Room MA-101.

  • May 6 -- Lecture: Michael Vickers (University of Oxford), "Wandering Stones: Recycling Antiquity".
    5:40 pm. Room MA-101.

  • April 21 -- Lecture: Ann Killebrew (Pennsylvania State University), "Total Archaeology@Tel Akko, Israel:
    An Integrated Approach to Reconstructing and Preserving Akko's Past, Present and Future".
    5:40 pm. Room MA-101.

  • March 31 -- Lecture: Zeynep Çizmeli Öğün (Ankara University), "Sikkeler ve Arkeoloji". 12:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • March 19 -- Lecture: Sercan Yandım Aydın (Hacettepe University), "Late Antique Anatolia and its Ascetics: Sannabadae Monastery and Bishop Amphilochius of Iconium". 5:40 pm. Room AZ-25.

  • February 11 -- Lecture: Elizabeth Baughan (University of Richmond), "Funerary Couches (Klinai) and their Significance in Ancient Anatolia". 5:40 pm. Room AZ-25.


  • December 4 -- Lecture: Laurent Dissard (University of California, Berkeley), "Submerged Stories from the Sidelines of Science: The History of the Keban Dam Rescue Project (1967-1975) in Eastern Turkey". 5:40 pm. Room AZ-25.

  • November 8 -- Hans Gustav Güterbock Symposium. 3:30 pm. Room FFB-06. Program (pdf)

  • November 5 -- Lecture: Robert Merrillees (Independent Scholar), "Alashiya: The Quest for its Location in the Levant". 5:40 pm. Room T-272 .

  • October 22 -- Lecture: Tuğba Tanyeri Erdemir (METU), "A Tale of Three Hagia Sophias: Conversion, Museumification, Contestation". 5:40 pm. Room A-Z25.

  • May 8 -- Lecture: Sophie Moore (Newcastle University), "Historic Period Remains at Çatalhöyük". 5:40 pm. Room AZ-25.

  • April 22 -- Workshop in Cultural Anthropology: John William Day (Bilkent University), "Ethnography: Practices & Possibilities". 12:40 pm. Room H-133B.

  • March 24 -- Lecture: Lubna Omar (Kırşehir University), "Don't Throw Away the Bones! Assessing the Results of Zooarchaeological Research in Anatolia". 5:40 pm. Room A-Z25.

  • March 6 -- Lecture: Catherine Draycott (British Institute at Ankara; University of Liverpool), "Kuprlli's New Architecture: Heroa and the History of Mid Fifth Century BC Xanthos". 5:40 pm. Room A-Z25.


  • December 11 -- Lecture: Sachihiro Omura (Director, Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology), "The Kaman-Kalehöyük Excavations in Central Anatolia". 5:40 pm. Room A-Z25.

  • October 3 -- Lecture: Ümit Güder (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University), "Iron Metallurgy in Medieval Anatolia". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.

  • September 23 -- Lecture: Yağmur Heffron (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge), "The Material Culture of Hittite 'God-drinking'". 5:40 pm. Room H-132.
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