Dominique Kassab Tezgör

Dominique Kassab Tezgör received her Ph.D. in Ancient History and Civilisation from the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne and her Docteur d'État in Classical Archaeology from the University of Dijon. Her specialties include Greek and Roman art and archaeology as well as ceramics and terracottas and the amphorae of Sinope and the Black Sea area. She also holds two diplomas from the École du Louvre, Paris (History of Art and Museology). In addition to serving as chair of the Department of Archaeology, Dr. Kassab Tezgör gives courses in both the Department of Archaeology and the Department of Fine Arts.

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Research Interests

Greek and Roman art and archaeology, ceramics and terracottas, amphorae of Sinope and the Black Sea area


Office Location

H Building H-148


+90 312 290 1885

Full Curriculum Vitae (CV)
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