Taylan Taşbaşı

Professional Tour Guide

Where do you work now?

I have been a Professional Tourist Guide since I got my certificate after I completed the course opened by the Ministry of Tourism in 2000 when I was a student. Additionally, I'm a tourism agency owner since 2013. I am still actively doing guiding for various companies (Turkey and U.S. based).

Have you ever engaged in any other profession?

I didn't leave the tourism industry except for several unimportant experiences.

What made you choose this profession (or these professions)?

It was a profession that suited my lifestyle and there were lots of work opportunities.

How has your experience in the Archaeology Department contributed to your professional life?

I have always been one step ahead of my colleagues in terms of my store of knowledge. Even though this gave me self-confidence right from the start of my career, I have continued to add to my knowledge. I can say that I'm still a student. ☺

What are the best features of the Archaeology Department?

Even though it is a social science branch, it was great to have a correspondence with many other sciences and to be able to view the subject from many different angles. Maybe learning about discipline as much as an engeneering student contributed a lot to us. The excavations we took part in during the summer months, the international experts and students we met there, and the skills to become a citizen of the world presented by Bilkent University and its teachers were invaluable for me.

What do you recommend to high-school students who might be thinking of studying archaeology?

You do not have to become an archaeologist after completing the department. The department will lay the foundations for a lifetime of intellectual growth. If you are looking for a way to combine history and scientific discipline, you are in the right place. Best of luck to all of you.

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