Burcu Erciyas

Archaeologist, Academician, Middle East Technical University

Where do you work now?

Currently, I am an archaeologist and an academician.

Have you ever engaged in any other profession?

No, I haven't

What made you choose this profession (or these professions)?

All I had in mind was archaeology; I made a single choice and entered the Department of Archaeology and History of Art (currently the Department of Archaeology). The most important criterion for me was the fact that English was the language of education, as I wanted to do a master's degree abroad.

How has your experience in the Archaeology Department contributed to your professional life?

I learned a lot from my teachers, not only in the archaeological field, but also as a great contribution about work ethics. A field trip that the department had organized helped me associate theory with practice.

What are the best features of the Archaeology Department?

The most pleasing part of the Archaeology Department was the variety of courses; however, I am a 1994 graduate, so the syllabus was a bit different than it is today. We even took interdisciplinary courses such as geoarchaeology and conservation. We were educated in a wide variety of fields, from Egypt to Ancient Greek, from Renaissance to theoretical archaeology, and we took part in discussions of the issues. All this gave us a really good foundation. We discussed Van Gogh on one hand, and the palace at Mari on the other. Language training was also very important. (I went to the USA thanks to my Latin training.)

What do you recommend to high-school students who consider studying archaeology?

As a person who loves and continues her profession, I surely recommend the education of Archaeology; however, I have to mention the importance of determination and devotion.