Barbora Weissova

(starting Fall 2023)

Barbora Weissova received her BA and MA in Classical Archaeology at the Charles University in Prague and her Phd in Classical Archaeology at the Free University in Berlin, with a Dissertation about the Regional Economy, Settlement Patterns and the Road System in Bithynia (4th Century BC – 6th Century AD). She is presently Akademische Rätin at the Ruhr University in Bochum (Germany) with more than six years of teaching experience in the fields of classical and digital archaeology. She deals extensively with the manifold spatial analytical possibilities of geoinformation systems for archaeological questions and the modelling of spatial and quantified data, focused on the analysis of the archaeological datasets from NW Asia Minor between the Hellenistic and the Late Roman Periods.

She has been intensively involved in questions of digitization and the sustainability of digital records (The Archive of Attica) and the visualization of statistical data (R). She is also involved in digital documentation in the field, from the use of apps (MERGIN, FAIMS) for paperless documentation to drone flights to generate orthophotos and 2D and 3Dmodelling of terrain and plans or maps with GIS and CAD. She has published one monograph and one editorial work.

Research Interests

Archaeology of Ancient Bithynia, Thrace and Macedonia; Ancient Road Networks; Mounded Landscapes; Methods and Design of Archaeological Surveys; Implementation of Digital Archaeology in all Stages of Archaeological Projects; Digitising of Archives


Full Curriculum Vitae (CV)
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